The world of banking can rise or fall in a heartbeat, which is why talented individuals who can weather any economic storm will always be the most valuable asset your organization has.

We work fast and smart, and with years of experience behind us, source and compete for the best talent globally.


You need to work with someone who actually understands the issues and challenges you face every day. Not a recruiting firm that throws around buzzwords.

We make a habit to recruit our people from within the industry, so that when we say, ‘we know how you feel’, we absolutely do because we’ve been through it. The head of our banking division has over 13 years running banks and working within financial services before diving into recruitment. Your problems were once ours.


72% of people we place remain with that business three years later. We’re not in the habit of quick fixes or shortcuts. With personal scorecards we determine what candidates really want, dream about and work for.

We then work closely to make sure we’re fulfilling those dreams and placing the best people in the right places.

We have a duty of care to those we work with and it’s always taken seriously.

Of people we place remain with that business three years later.

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