Andres Rodriguez

Director, Client Accounts

The closer

This man could close deals while standing on one foot paddling through the ocean blindfolded. He’s a talent alchemist through and through, and understands the perfect combination of business intelligence, and magic, to place talented individuals in their dream roles.

Graduating with a degree in accounting, he worked as an accountant for three months, before he came to his senses and realized the world of recruitment was his calling.

He’s worked within various industries from finance to commercial marine, to oil and gas, and finally making the move over to the delicious world of food and beverage because, well, food.

Although recruitment happened by accident for Andres, it plays to all his strengths and he gets his kicks out of changing people’s lives and building companies, as well as teasing people around the office too. Unless you’re going to engage in a battle of wits with him, we advise that you don’t step to him.