Connecting an individual to an organization is a blend of science, art and a little bit of magic. We’ve been around for over 23 years now, and we’ve worked with so many amazing individuals. As we grew so did our depth of relationships and the services we offer. While we work directly with clients much of the time, we also work with candidates.

Protis Global partners with its client, who have a deep commitment to their team both current and in transition, to offer outplacement services. We’re passionate about helping exiting team members have a smooth transition back into the job market and we happen to have an incredible knack for it too. It’s a little different than our general executive search services and we thoroughly enjoy doing it. Take a look at what we offer and reach out! We’d love to partner with you.

We take “Building Companies + Changing Lives” pretty seriously around here. When we speak to our clients and our candidates we understand to our core, these are human beings and we have a chance (even if for a brief moment) to make an impact in an aspect of their lives that is quite large. How we spend our days professionally is a huge portion of who we are, and we do not ever lose sight of that.

Protis Global Outplacement Service


  • You will have a direct point of contact who will partner with you an advocate for you throughout the process.
  • You will have our entire Protis Global Team as a valuable resource.
  • You will be added to our highly confidential and proprietary database.
  • You will be considered and introduced to all appropriate current and future client company searches.


  • Create your personalized Scorecard – identify and evaluate Personal, Professional and Financial goals.
  • Establish a roadmap to guide you through the interview and decision making process.


  • We will work together to evaluate the content of your resume.
  • You will receive a sample template of an optimized template within the industry we are targeting.
  • One on one coaching to continuously improve the content and format of your resume.
  • LinkedIn profile evaluation and optimization.


  • One on one coaching
  • Preparation Videos
  • Mock Interviews (Proprietary S.A.R. Model of communication)